Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the temperature drop with a misting system?

Manufacturers will tend to say 25 – 40 degrees. The truth is that it depends on a few factors. Temperature and humidity are the main factors. Misting is most effective on hotter days with low humidity. Misting systems work better on hot and dry days since thee evaporative cooling is trying to pull the temperature down to the dew point. The larger the spread between the temperature and dew point, the better the systems work. The last factor is the wind. You need some air movement to remove the hot air out of the area so the cooler air can replace it. That can come from ceiling fans, misting fans or natural breezes.

Why have a professional design and install my system?

There is a lot involved when designing a system properly. To begin with, you need to come up with the proper configuration whether it is a rail system, fans, other devices or a combination. Once that is established, the pump will need to be sized properly. Then it is time to choose the correct manufacturer for the system being installed. Texas Misting Solutions has a relationship with the most reputable manufacturers. When it comes to the actual installation, our experience really shines. We know the correct nozzles placement, sizing and angles for installation as well as experience for the cleanest installations possible. Texas Misting Solutions has been installing misting systems for over 10-years and our wealth of experience will make your system perform and look great. 

Can I buy a system at my local hardware store?

No, they do not carry the 1000psi pump required or the supporting tubing and other items required for the high pressures.

Why do I need a pump on my system?

City water pressure is usually around 60psi. At that pressure the water droplets are simply too big to evaporate efficiently, leaving very little cooling effect and usually creating a wet patio. The 1000psi pump atomizes the water molecules down to as small as 5 microns allowing for efficient evaporation. 

What maintenance is required on the system?

Systems do require winterizing to protect the pump and lines from damage in the cold. In the spring, and oil and water filter will need changed according to the amount of use. For residential usually every 2-years while commercial installations are performed annually. Other than that, is is just an inspection to make sure there are no clogged nozzles and everything else is in good working order for the season. 

When is the best time to contact Texas Misting Solutions about installing a system?

Although we do clean installations on completed homes, pre-construction is the best time. This allows for pump placement planning along with the electricity and water required. It may also help with making the installation more aesthetically pleasing by allowing some lines to be hidden inside columns. 

Winter is also a great time. The wait for installation will be reduced. Much like a swimming pool, everyone wants one in the spring or summer creating long wait times. Installing the system in the winter assures you will be up and operational for the summer season.

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